does anyone own ProAc D30 or D48 WITHOUT the ribbon tweeter?

Just curious.  I can't remember ever reading a post where anyone mentioned this variant.
Probably because it doesn’t sound as good. The ribbon tweeter is great.
I'm with jperry on this one.  I owned a pair of Proac Response 1SC's (soft dome tweeter) then upgraded to the D30R's.  The difference in the top end was night and day.  The ribbon tweeter is more detailed yet refined.  Better in every way.
Yes I agree I owned a pair of Proac Studio 140MkII (soft dome tweeter) then upgraded to the D30RS ,The Ribbon tweeters are superior the top end is much revealing and accurate. It's really a difference of day and night.
In the past 4-5 years, I have come across only 1 European forum where 1 guy mentioned that he preferred the ProAc dome to ribbon. I have never got a chance to compare the ribbons to the domes. But I love the highs and mids of my ProAcs.
Yes, these Brits for one. 

I assume that almost all dealers if they have a demo D30 or 48 on the floor, will have the R version, so I wonder how many have actually heard the 30 or 48 with soft dome, rather than comparing to earlier models equipped with that tweeter, which I assume is pretty much the same.
The dome and ribbon tweeters are the same at all Proac speakers the differences between the models are at other areas (drivers,crossover and so on) .The Ribbon are much better at every aspect it's really a difference of day and night I can't understand why someone can consider inferior tweeters (which cost less of course) if he can get  better ones.