Does anyone own Oris Horns near Hagerstown, Md.

I recently purchased a pair of Oris Ultra Reference speakers using the Oris 200 with AER MD-3 drivers and BD-15 woofers with Oris 150 horns in front. I was curious to get some opinions from others who may own these wonderful horns. I'm using a Cary 2.5 watt amplifier with spectacular results. That Sophia 45 output tube is magical. I live in Hagerstown, Md. 21742. I was curious if anyone in the Washington DC or Baltimore or Northern Va. area had Oris horns.I was hoping to trade listening sessions with someone interested in the same speakers. Even if you have heard the Oris and don't own them I would still be interested in your opinions. Thanks Jessie91
I own a pair of KCS Oris 150's with 18" bass cones, Fostex F200a Mid and Fostex T90A-EX tweeters, they are seriously good speakers for the money, secondhand I don't think you can find a better speaker, I've listened to plenty. The bass depth and output is very good so no need for a sub with the 18" bass cones. Enjoy your new speakers.
I am amazed that when these sort of speakers come up on Audiogon they do not sell even though their secondhand prices are ludicrously low for the quality of sound they give. I am well happy with mine and have no desire to change them, as I have said I have heard lots of speakers from cheap to mentally off the map expensive. I am not parting with mine for sure.
Ive built many Oris system. They can be wonderful But I find they all need tweeters. 1 reason I don't use drivers in Oris that produce to much hi frequincey I prefer to let a quality tweeter reproduce treble instead of trying to get the oris horn driver to produce treble. This driver integration and need for Bi amping are weak links in Oris systems but can be easly over come. Like the KCS GB owns.