Does anyone own a Shunyata Hydra?

I, pretty much, have decided on the PS audio 600, but have heard from dealers, mind you, that the Hydra "blows it away." Anyone have first hand experience with this baby? The Hydra that is..
I can't compare it to the PS Audio, but I was amazed when I first plugged my stuff into the Hydra. Improved everything -- clarity, resolution, and sound stage (expanded it tremendously).
I considered the PS Audio, Richard Gray and Hydra before buying . . . read reviews by experts and people using them and chose the Hydra based on . . . who knows? A feeling? It's hard to decide without auditioning, and to make sense of how this stuff does what it does, and how each does it differently, but I'm very happy with the Hydra.
I have owned 2 Hydras. The other posts are correct the Hydra does "blow away" the Power Plant. However the Sound Application CF-X "blows away" the Hydra, and from what I've heard the Audio Magic Stealth "blows away" the CF-X. You've got a dilema on your hands, there are at least 3 conditioners that are better than what you are planning on buying.
I'd like to offer an alternative view than the ones stated above. I have owned the Hydra, the Power Plant 300, the Power Plant 600 (and currently still own the Hydra and a modified PP300). I do not agree that, in all instances, the Hydra "blows away" the Power Plant. For large draw components, such as amplifiers, the Power Plants are overly restrictive of dynamics, and seemed to subtly "white out" upper midrange textures. However, for source components, particularly digital sources and turntables, I found the Power Plants to provide a reduced noise floor, higher levels of resolution, and even tighter, more extended bass in comparison with the Hydra. For preamps, I generally found it to be a wash, depending on the component used. Thus, I am currently using a combination of the two in my system - Hydra on the amps, and PP on the sources. In any event, I strongly recommend you audition whatever power conditioner you plan on buying, if at all possible. For example, when I moved to my new loft in the city, the quality of my power from the wall went down dramatically, thus rendering the PP300 even more effetive in comparison to the Hydra.

I would also suggest, if your budget allows, checking out the Accuphase units and the Exact Power EP2000, which essentially are buck boost type regulators that output a clean 60 Hz.
If one takes into consideration power consumption, heat distribution, potential parts failure, complexity, and wattage rating (as well as sound quality) then it is easy to say the Shunyata Hydra "blows the PS Audio away".
You may also want to consider the Welborne Labs "Gatekeeper" - In my experienced opinion, the Gatekeeper is a "mini" Shunyata Hydra.
Try either for reduced "glare" and digital "hash", as well as reduced power line "noise".
BTW - I have owned all three so my opinion is truly based upon experience. ( I currently own the WL Gatekeeper and Hydra - sold the PS-600 because it consumed more wattage, made more heat, and was more complex than the simple SE 2.5 w.- based system it was powering!!)
Well it seems that the Ps Audio 600 may not be the way to go. Thanks for the timely responses. I've got more homework to do. It's a high class problem.
Well it seems that the Ps Audio 600 may not be the way to go. Thanks for the timely responses. I've got more homework to do. It's a high class problem.
I had PP300 for almost an year and never was satisfied trying all possible setting. Now I have Sound Application CF-X and very happy with it - I have gotten the sound I always was looking for.