Does anyone own a pair of audioengine a2's ?

Hi ,

I just wonted to know what people thought of there sound compared to other brands or in general

Thank you

I purchased a pair after hearing them at RMAF last year. They are pretty phenomenal for the price both in the quality and the sound. It is revealing, far more so than regular computer type speakers, of the source material. I hooked my computer up to them through a PS Dac Link iii and it sounded amazing. Highly recommended.
Compared to run-of-the-mill PC speakers - Good
Compared to NHT M-00 and S-20 they don't hold a candle.
They sound pretty good for the size and if you are just looking to get better speakers for your computer they are great. I have mine hooked up to my Imac and they look good too. They sound nice for evaluating online music and such. Anyone who hears them always makes a comment on how good they sound and it is amazing how much bass comes out. They won't play very loud, so if you are thinking of listening to music loud at all forget it.
Just got mine a few days ago. I have listened with iPod (both MP3's and Apple lossless)and laptop as sources (no external DAC). So far, I have only tried them on my desktop.

I'm really enjoying the A2's so far. Easy to listen to, not fatiguing at all to my ears. I listen to a wide range of music- jazz, classical, rock, vocal- and stuff just sounds good on these little guys.

I have to strongly disagree with folks who sometimes write that these speakers are not suitable for music listening. They won't, of course, compete with larger or more expensive systems. But, in my opinion, the A2's are not just a great value. They are musical.... for $199 I think they represent a terrific inexpensive desktop option.

Tonight, I'm going to try them with my widescreen LCD TV just for fun....
I'm happy with A5's but did not like the A2. A2 seemed to sound tight, A5 more relaxed. Hard to put into words. Both have somewhat rolled high end. Using A5 in bedroom, mibht also use them as HT rears. If I had limited space and just wanted a system to enjoy music without high audiophile aspirations, I'd use my Ipod 80 gig with lossless rips, audioengine Aw2 to transmit wirelesslessly to the A5s. Done!

For my computer desk, the A5's were a bit large. I ended up using M-Audio model 40 (might be v40 or mv40, I forget). Also very nice.

Finally, the A5 and M-Audio have volume control on front. A2 has volume control on back which is very inconvenient IMHO.