Does anyone own a Dynavector HX-1.2 power amp?

Hi, I was wondering if there are Audiogoners here who own a Dynavector HX-1.2 power amplifier? I am interested in hearing what equipment they partnered it with. I had the covers of the heatsinks screen painted with the new Maori Hook logos, and it looks awesome! I would love to exchange pictures, etc. Thanks!
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Hi again,

It seems that nobody is using a Dynavector HX-1.2 power amplifier? How can that be? An amp made like that, and nobody has anything to say about it? Very weird.
I own two to bi-amp a pair of Neat Ultimatum MF9's. You haven't received many responses to your query, because there are only 5 or so HX1.2s in the US. It is a wonderful amplifier: powerful, delicate and musical. Dynavector's replacement for the HX1.2 is currently in development and hopefully will be even better, a difficult task indeed.
Hi there, Well, it seems that you have a marvellous hi-fi set. It's a pity that so few people enjoy the HX-1.2. Have you ever heard the HX-1.2 partnered with a pair of Shahinian speakers? Problem here in Belgium is that I am probably the only one that owns a Dynavector amp, and nobody stocks the Shahinians. Some of the hi-fi dealers never even heard of them. And Dynavector is associated with cartridges. A real shame. It's true that Dynavector is working on the new generation power amplifier, but it's the HX-75 and L-200 that are being updated. I also know that Dynavector is working on a few surprises too, but at the moment they are still "top secret", but it should be very interesting. Some updates will we done to the HX-1.2 power amplifier, like balanced inputs since the L-300 has balanced outputs. If you want to exchange some pictures, I can always be reached at Should be interesting.

I've been using a Dynavector HX-1.2 for the past 8 or 9 years. Run it with a Meridian 500/518/566.24 CD, Audio Research LS 7 pre and Shahinian Hawk speakers. The HX1.2 is a very musical amp, drives the Hawks with ease and has been totally reliable. Plan to upgrade the LS 7 with a Dynavector L-300 when I can get my hands on one and perhaps add a second HX-1.2 to bi-amp and really make the Hawks fly. The Meridian is also about to get the push in favour of the G08 or new 808.
I can remember as far back as 2002 the L-300 prototype was doing the rounds at dealers in the uk. And its still not out yet?
Grahams in London had an L-300 when I was there in August 2004 and it was featured in their winter newsletter. Problem is I'm in New Zealand where Dynavector is assembled and export seems to be the name of the game. My local hifi dealer enquired, to be told there would be no more stock until the next production run in June 2005.
I've had my L300/P300 for nearly a year and it's a wonderful product. I owned a $23,000 Naim 552 prior to the Dynie and do not miss a thing about it.
Any other Dynavector HX-1.2 experiences? Comparisons with the Bedini BA-803 Amps, that they are based on? Or with Plinius, Pass, Jeff Rowland, Gruensch?
Maybe this year the new HX-100 should come to the market, see the new Dynavector Amps page:
The Dynavector HX100 is a big improvement over the HX1.2. That somewhat dry character is very much reduced and the new model has superior grip and resolution. Highly recommended with Shahinian speakers.
I have owned an HX-1.2 for 10 years now and love it. I run a Naim system at the top end and prefer the sound of this amp over the Naim NAPS (had a NAP200 previously). They also do not need as much servicing as the NAPS do.  I was running Shahinian Arcs which made a lovely combo with HX-1.2 but now run B&W 802s and it is even better combo. Naim dealers do not recommend the 802s with their amps, I believe because they appear to struggle, but the HX-1.2 loves them while still retaining the NAIM sound but better I feel. Just my opinion, but I love the amp and feel no need to upgrade anytime soon.