Does anyone outher upgrade Adcom GCD-750's???

Wondering if anybody knows if anybody outhere has had an Adcom GCD-750 CD player worked on?I had the whole Nelson Pass Stack at one time but had wrong speakers and flipped whole rig.Thought that the pre-amp was genius and the the amp warm but way more power than I needed.But even though it wasn't optimal set up I could tell that CD player was weak link.Thouhgt it was lacking in rez and while having a digital INPUT and no OUTPUT was a statement of sorts I would be interested to find out if someone could goose it's peformance and give at least an optical out.Otherwise the only Adcom piece I might be re-shopping for is the pre.Thouhgt an EAR with volume control would match perfectly with it's GFP-750's passive ability especially since it has a stereo reverse not just mono making it so well suited for any LP no matter how it was recorded in phases or not.If Adcom is out any other CD or SACD that I can get for less than $1K used that will allow me get good sound will be appreciated and if it has balanced out's allowing me to use the XLR inputs on the Adcom Pre all the better.The Adcom stack allowed XLR wire for all three components.Not having a digital out was just too cute and DUMB.I'd love the high priced Sony SACD but they are TO HIGH PRICED.But that's what comes to ind when I think of balanced digital.Anybody know of any cheaper?
Chazz: I too thought that the CD having a digital in but no digital out was pretty weird to say the least. Other than that, one of my friends modded his GCD-750 by installing Black Gates, "high tech" diodes, etc.. and thougth it really woke it up. Having said that, he still ended up selling it. I don't know if that's what you wanted to hear or not, but his experience with the stock player seemed to match what you are saying here. When i listened to his player here ( stock before mods ), it seemed to be very sensitive to AC grunge and power cord changes. Sean
MSB can add any type of digital out you want.