does anyone out there own acoustat model 8s

any acoustat model 8 owners to discuss the speakers i would greatly appreciate it
Plug 'acoustat' into your internet search engine. there is some good reading there.
I'm currently using a pair of Acoustat 8's in conjunction with a Velodyne ULD15MK2 sub. The 8's are being driven by a highly modified pair of Acoustat Servo Drive tube amps. Wonderful sound! Best regards, Ed.
I neve owned the 8's but 3's, 4's, and 2+2's. I can probably hlep with questions.
Kevin Ferry has Model 8s and the servo amps. He's a local Cleveland Acoustat Freak. Email me an dI can put you in touch with him. I have a pair of model 3s myself.

Hi.  I have a pair of model 6's.  Is it possible to take a pair of servo amps out of model x's to run my model 6's?  Each model 6 has two transformer boxes .  
I have model 6.  I power them with allen model 75 tube Monos
This is a really old thread but why not, I do own a pair of Model 8, unbelievable speakers. Countless years later they still sound better than anything.
Powered with four Krell KMA 200 amps