Does anyone or does everyone pay retail price?

I've never bought "new" higher end audio (4k-up) , does everyone pay the MRSP or is there a little or alot of $$ to neg. when buying from a local store? Amp.,speakers,etc.

Some is full price and some is up to 25% off MSRP, it really depends on how new or popular an item is or its short supply.........could be just some dealers motives aswell but if its worth it to the buyer then God bless!
I have been a small dealer for a long time and can tell you that it depends on who you talk to and what your relationship is. If someone Emails me and asks my best price it is list. If someone comes in and is willing to negotiate a price that is fair to both of us I am open to it. I have been a dealer for a considerable number of high end products and have never been ask to give assurances that I would never sell below retail. What is expected is that you do not engage in blatant discounting to get sales outside your territory. It is expected that you give good customers some consideration, how much depends on circumstances. A really high end store has an enormous overhead and you will rightly pay for the convenience of being able to hear a large selection of expensive components in the same place.
I'm sure it depends on many factors. Especially in a normal economy.

Times are a little different now.

Most businesses operate on credit. When the sales are slow, the HELOC is closed, the credit card limits reduced and the savings are being depleted....a store might have to discount certain items as if they were a Compton foreclosure just to keep things rolling through tough times.

If the store (and owner) are debt free and flush with cash, they can scoff at your requests for a discount. Of course, this has more to do with the hubris of the owner/salesmen, rather than their lack of economic comprehension. I have a feeling that these stores are more the exception than the rule.

That's just the way it works when you unwind a hyper-leveraged economic system...and that's what's going on now just in case you hadn't noticed.

I expect to see many audio dealers/manufacturers chase the market down (with their discounts/pricing) just like the homeowners...sometimes to the point of bankruptcy.

Should the dealer have to eat it all?

No...absolutely not. The manufacturer might want to wake up to what's going on also and cut the dealer a retroactive discount.

If you really want to see how cheap things *really* are currently. Just ask any dealer that is a buyer of used equipment what they'll pay YOU for a piece of your equipment if you're not intending to trade up and just want to sell.

They don't *want* anymore inventory.

They *need* cash.

Dominoes anyone?
Despite the MSRP, does anyone know what the markup is on equipment? Is it different than a luxury car dealership? Whenever there is a post about it, it just seems that the industry is wound so tightly that dealers and retailers have no room to negotiate. It just sounds like the audio industry has been suffocating itself for a very long time.
Best thing to do is wait one year and buy it used for half price..........