Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?

Does anyone know of a company that does mods to a Mac Mini to optimize it for audio playback?
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Yes, I have the Mojo Audio power supply for the mini and it is very good indeed.
Iwill be offering soon a Hynes supply for the pre-2010 mini. $900

Killer dynamics.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Mitch I second Grannyring. You can send your mac to Mojo Audio and they will optimize the software on it. They also sell optimized mac minis, external power supplies and internal filters. I did some shopping and research before I decided on Mojo and am pleased with the service. They also have a good website lots of info. and am very pleased with the sound.
There's this too:!accessory/conw

It's from Hong Kong but he has a north American dealer listed in his "contact" section.

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E-mail and ask to be hooked up with Matt Reise from Connected Alternative.
I believe he can help you out.
Matt Reise is one of my distributors and has done some great demos of the mods we offer for the Mac Mini.

The Paul Hynes supply and Mojo Supply are both great upgrades for the Mac Mini. Anyone who owns a mini really needs to consider the upgrade.

The upgrades we offer at Core:
(All upgrades offered Turnkey or in kit form. Kits ship same or next day, turnkey is about 5 days if we have to order a computer). We have released both new power supplies and several new upgrades in the last few months that are worth looking at.

We will have a video for installing the kit on the website in about two weeks.

To the upgrades:
1. Two levels of power supply
2. Three levels of Internal filter
3. logic board and component level shielding
4. Three Levels of DC Cable
5. Thunderbolt-PCIe Expansion upgrades for sound cards, PCIeSSDs and graphics cards with dedicated power supply
6. Windows Installation where we remove 192 services and 30 registry keys for a total reduction of 1.5GB prior to installation
7. Stillpoints Ultra 5 anti-vibration Feet.

It's a very high value upgrade and offers tremendous levels of performance. You can't go wrong with any of the power supplies or upgrades you choose, they are all a big upgrade to the stock mac mini.

Hope that helps.

Core Audio Technology
I have Mojo's upgraded mini and external power supply. I am new to computer
audio and things have been going slowly (wi fi problems). Ben, owner of Mojo,
extends exemplary customer service and has bent over backwards to assist this
computer illiterate customer. His generosity is boundless and above and beyond.
Think Red Wine Audio is offering or planning to offer a battery power supply for the Mac Mini
Wondering why a high end power supply makes any difference assuming one is using a USB-SPDIF converter which runs on a dedicated power supply or battery like some high end models do these days. I always thought the only thing that benefits from clean power is the digital output circuitry and clock but maybe I'm wrong??

Just started using a 2009 mini as a music transport and would like to tweak it a bit.
Duo - get a new Hynes supply for your Mini, put a SSD and 8 gigs DRAM in it and do the tweaks at: iTunes iBooks - "audio optimization guides"

This is reference quality and has earned several best of shows using Amarra.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Battery power for the Mini is not as good as a fast responding linear supply. Digital needs this fast response. I have tried LI battery on both Mini, DAC and USB converters. Great for analog, but not digital IME.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks Steve. This does not answer my question. Already installed a SSD but still running on 2 GB of RAM.
Using Auidirvana which supposedly does all the audio optimation of OSX. Do I still need this ibook?
I Just bought a linear PSU from Clones audio for my mac mini and i'm very pleased with the result.
When I installed an SSD sound wise nothing happen.
But with the PSU it's a serious step to the graal.

what kind of USB converter are you using?
Anyone has tried the audio optimation guide mentioned by Steve who is using Audirvana?
M2 tech evo
M2 tech evo supply
M2 tech evo clock

I settled with this interface after Trying many of them.
I use also audirvana plus 1.54
my mac mini is dedicated as music server so optimized for this purpose.
Glad to hear someone report on the Clones product... I was thinking about trying it myself, as it seems to be a very straightforward product. I've never been convinced that the technological advances in some of the other (more expensive) options are really necessary, especially from a simple cost-reward perspective.
Duomike - I believe the ibook tweaks will still make a difference.
Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Mojo Audio makes a great power supply for the Mini and he is in the USA.
It made a huge improvement in my system. I followed all of Steve's Amarra and optimization suggestions also. In total, great sounding indeed.

I own Genesis speakers, Audio research amps,MIT & Taralabs cables,Mac mini, and I'm French!
You think I should ignore how these American company are good on what they do and by local?
Steve, tried to download the guide but it runs on IPAD only and not on my IPOD touch or mini...

forget about ssd use a spin hard drive for music you will find the explanation here:
Do SSD Drives Sound As Good As Hard*Drives? - News - Pro Tools Expert Blog
got all my music on an external HD and everything else on internal SSD.
sSD sound better as I have compared, Steve is right.

the best of the two world, it's using SSD for the OS and storing music in HDD
Why using PSU from clones

Since there is no smps no big filters there is more space in the mac mini which help for cooling.
Since I bought the PSU I disconnected the fan, and I'm using my mac mini only as music server with iTunes and Audirvana and no other apps, my music is stored in external HDD and I'm using a 64 Gb SSD for the OSx
I monitored the temp and it's never exceeding 65°C.
so no more vibration!
Not forgetting the Item Audio Mac Mini AP Edition mod, which not only predates all other Mac Mini mods, but also goes a bit further than all the rest: three optional power supplies, passive cooling, SATA filters, several drive options, RF absorption, case damping and OS tweaks. An earlier iteration was given a 5-star review in HiFi World back in 2010.