Does Anyone Make Stands for Quad 988's?

I'd like to get the Quads off the floor and up to listening level. Any suggestions?
Acrici used to make stands for the 63's - I just saw a pair for sale, but I don't know if they will fit the 988's. If you have not already heard your quads elevated in your room yet, I would suggest that you experiment before you buy stands to make sure how high you want them. You may not like what you get at any given highth off the floor. Elevating the 63's was reputed to clean up the midrange so you could really hear the revealing nature of the quads. But, IMHO it did so at the expense of the bass. In my room it created a large upper bass suck out that detracted more than the transparency in the mid range added. On the floor I was able to place them in my room so that I got excellent resolution and a fairly flat frequency response until I hit a room resonance at 32hz. The speakers are not easy to position so if you are new to them be patient and keep moving them about and play with sound dispersion behind them, etc.
I am looking at the Quad 988 myself. From what I have read in Absolute Sound, if you put the 988 on stands, you could get a suckout in the 100 -200hz regioun. They are design to be placed on the floor and Quad even went so far to redesign the 988 so it wouldn't work with the Acrici's used for the 63's. You can tilt the 988 which may help.

Good luck.

The Arcici stands will suck the life out of the bass.
I had my 63's on the old Quad stands and then put them in the Arcici and lost all my lower end. Problem was after removing the stands I had holes in my grill cloths.
Leave them on the floor. New ones are designed to be used that way.
I have recently purchased stands from Robert of Star Sound
Technology makers of the Sistrum rack which I use for my system consisting of THor Tpa-150, Thor TA-2000 preamp, Thor Dac, with Cary 306/200 transport and a Richard Gray power conditioner. Speakers a pair of Quad 988's with a Audio Physics Minosw Subwoofer. My room has 12 foot ceilings and is 20 & 20. With the Quads on the floor I was losing much of the sound. Star Sound Technology suggested stands. In short, the stands, raise the Quads 29" off the floor and now the sound hits me at ear level.I now hear the mid bass of the Quads (no low bass) as well as the
midrantge. The listening experience is substantially better with the stands. Star Sound suggested to me that the meat and potatoes of the Quad sound is located in the lower 1/3 of the speaker. By placing that lower 1/3 at ear level I would hear more and be able to appreciate the merits of the speaker better. He was right and the change has made the Quads more enjoyable for me.