Does anyone make a 1'x1' or a 2'x3' diffusor?

I have an odd situation where I need a diffusor ( like an RPG Skyline ) that covers a 2' x 3' area. I can't use two 2' x 2' Skylines because the wall in that area is only 40" wide.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a 1'x1' or a 2'x3' diffusor?


Thanks! Unfortunately, all they have are absorption panels, they don't make diffusors.

Well, hardware stores sell things called "saws"...
Check with GIK Acoustics and they do custom sizes on their items.

I have plans for diffusion panels we built as a acoustic fix for a youth performance school. The room was a huge semi-circle the panels were built on a jig to conform to the room shape. I think we built up 53 panels some 10 ft tall and almost 8 ft. wide. We used common everyday could add some long hair sheep's wool between the one inch wooden dowels to comb out some reflective frequency bounce.These panels could be built in any size.

Chuck try:
Kinetics Noise Control


Thank you! I see that these are 18" wide, that's perfect.


Thanks! I checked out GIK's website. They have diffusors like Sam mentions too, but the ones at Kinetics Noise Control are 18" wide in stock form.

I'd really like a diffusor like the Skyline, except in wood. I think that it would look nice as well as scatter well.

Hi Krell_man,
I second the DIY route for your Skyline made from wood and stained the way you want. Here's the best Skyline calculator that I could find that mimics RPG's patent:

If you use 1.5" * 1.5" blocks of wood, then you may wish to consider using the following in the link above:
* Prime number P = 337
* Primative root of P = 10
* # of columns = 21
* # of rows = 16
This will generate a 31.5" * 24" sized Skyline.

Or the following will generate a 36" * 25.5" Skyline:
* Prime number P = 409
* Primative root of P = 21
* # of columns = 24
* # of rows = 17

I've built several and one can be seen on my System page.
Good luck.