Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2

Or SIT1?

I had mine for a couple months and i'm amazed by it. It seems like there was some talk online when it first came out but not so much now. I'm using mine with a Shindo Aurieges, and a Lampizator dac. I've tried a few different preamps, including a DHT suggested in the 6 moons review. But most impressed pairing it with the Shindo. Does anyone else have any love for it?
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Hi guys, sorry to revive an old thread however I have just managed to obtain a brand new SIT-2 amplifier and am looking for some advice whether direct source connection to the SIT-2 or a DHT-preamp in between is preferred.

Nelson Pass wrote the following in the SIT-2 Manual:

The SIT-1 and SIT-2 amplifiers can be driven in “direct mode” where the source components looks directly at the Gate of the SIT without other active components in between. This is desirable, but in this case the input impedance is 10 Kohms...

Am I understanding the above statement correctly? Can any owners of the SIT-1 or SIT-2 provide some input on this? Direct to amp or a DHT-pre in between, which do you guys prefer?

2nd, If preamp is preferred, anyone have any experience with Shindo Monbrison or Masseto paired with the SIT-2?

3rd, Would a tube DAC, say a lampizator, in lieu of a DHT-preamp provide the same effect?

Thanks & regards