Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2

Or SIT1?

I had mine for a couple months and i'm amazed by it. It seems like there was some talk online when it first came out but not so much now. I'm using mine with a Shindo Aurieges, and a Lampizator dac. I've tried a few different preamps, including a DHT suggested in the 6 moons review. But most impressed pairing it with the Shindo. Does anyone else have any love for it?
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a have a pair of dc10audio berlin. (96db) I've used a pass labs xa30, kt88 push pull diy. before my current setup i had a bunch of different powerful solid state amps driving Salk SS8s.

I think it sounds detailed and more dimensional than anything i've tried. I never understood depth until I having this amp. My Xa30, which I love, sounds flat in comparison.
Charles, Thanks! I wanted to acknowledge that a few weeks ago on a post but my posts have (had) to get approved and I get behind.

4orreal (and James) - I have the SIT2, but love it love much wanted to to get the SIT1. Mark at Reno HiFI kinda talked me out of it. (I respect that in a dealer) Saying that Nelson has gone on record saying they do sound the same if the SIT1 is on the recommended default setting. The SIT1 does sound different when adjusting from the default, but to Mark's ears it sounded best when left alone. With all that said. I still want to "upgrade" just to make sure. I tried the Coincident line stage. It was very good, even more clear and detailed than than my Aurieges, but it really didn't bring out the magic like I expected.

I never thought 10 watts wound be enough for me. Everything in my past was above 300 besides my XA30. I dont think I even push the limits of the 10 watts. My room is 13x19. I used to think I needed to listen to music really loud to get a life like concert experience. My preference has really changed since getting my new set up. I'm more excited about music than i've ever been.
I used my Sit 2 for 4 years and loved every minute of it. I changed it only to go the 300b route and now a 45 tube.  I wish I had it back to hear one in my current system. 

i think your question can be answered in general "using a pre or not".... I mostly used a preamp. Shindo, dht the 1p4l (diy), my favorite was the Dht from Vinnie rossi. That combo was unfortunately the most expensive and favorite. The auto former volume, I think was dave slagle was probably a huge reason I favored that.  I also have the big 7 with out volume but have gone direct. I do believe simpe is often better but always prefered the active preamp route.To contradict more... I have recently purchased a EMIA passive pre and LOVE it on my desktop system with a 45 amp.
I may have confused you more than helping by offering more options but wanted to share my experence.