Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2

Or SIT1?

I had mine for a couple months and i'm amazed by it. It seems like there was some talk online when it first came out but not so much now. I'm using mine with a Shindo Aurieges, and a Lampizator dac. I've tried a few different preamps, including a DHT suggested in the 6 moons review. But most impressed pairing it with the Shindo. Does anyone else have any love for it?
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Nelson Pass seems very passionate about ultra simple and pure circuits. It
isn't surprising that you'd find it more dimensional(less flat) and better than

his highly respected Xa.30 amplifier (with the appropriate speaker match
for the SIT). If I were to ever go to a transistor amplifier the SIT or Valvet
would be my direction. There was a long and very interesting thread
regarding the First Watt SIT amplifiers last yesr on this site. Guf you have a
very nice system.
You are correct, personal preferences dictate so much.I truly find the CSLS to be sublime and stunning. However I realize others hear things differently.Just how things go concerning audio.
Good luck with your upcoming endeavor. Admittedly I'm bias towards high efficiency speakers and good low power amplifiers. The CSLS-SIT-1 seems heavenly with an appropriate speaker match.