Does anyone leave their amp and preamp on all the time?

I listen most nights after work. I find that the system takes a while to warm up and sounds it's best if it has been shut off. So I leave it on. I always have and this is vintage stuff. The amp is a 25/25 Bedini class A. It stays warm but never hot. It has never caused an issue but recently I've been speaking with others that were stunned that I would do this. So let me know if I'm the only one that lets it run. Do you shut off the equipment after each session?
I left the Aesthetix Io on all the time - since the sound is best, fully warmed up - but it was probably not a good idea. The time plus heat factor led to repairs. Now, I turn all my tube components off and on, even if I have to wait an hour for good sound.
I have already commented on my solid state gear. (I don't turn it off)  I I now have all SS gear, but Tubes in the past, I did turn off after each use, I did try to give them 30 minutes to 2 hours warm up before use.
My SS integrated amp is always on standby, but it still takes 20-25 minutes to sound it's best.
@david12 "it's not often raised as an issue, fire risk. There is an awful lot of high voltage kit in a hifi system. It shorts out and your house is toast."

That's actually the one and only reason I turn off my power / integrated amplifiers, and sometimes, my preamplifiers.  No concern about the electricity, cost, tube wear, etc., just worry about the potential catastrophe.  Well, now that I write this, I have very home insurance, hmmm....

You speak to Firemen here in the UK and what is the number one cause of house fires? No, not hifi systems , but TV’s on standby.
"Smoking, unattended cooking equipment and dirty grill pans are the most likely things to cause a blaze, according to Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS). Overheating microwaves, overloaded electric sockets and in particular phones and laptops left charging for too long are also major causes of household fires."

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