Does anyone know who in Los Angeles can service a Woodside SC26 Valve Pre Amp?

I live in West Los Angeles and I have a Woodside SC26 Valve pre-amp that needs servicing...does anyone know a good Hi-Fi tech who can do it...??  Thanks for any suggestions...

Contact George Meyer Audio and Video Service

12418 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90025


Ask Musical Fidelity in Culver City (not familiar with your preamp) if they can repair it.

Anyway, they have always had a good rep (lived in the LA area since 1977).
Mitch Singerman. 310-823-5145 lives in West LA.
Yes, +1 for Mitch (forgot about him).
Thanks for your replies...will call them and see if they know my pre-amp...