Does anyone know who can repair a Theta Miles CDP?

I've had my Miles for about 11 years . It still sounds great but sometimes it just stop playing and won't work again till the next day.
I called Theta and they said the people who could repair them are long gone and moved and they won't repair it. Thanks a lot Theta. I don't know what the problem is but I'm hoping its repairable. Can anyone suggest a place to have it fixed? I'm in the DC but will be happy to ship it.

Try this:

Sound Images by High Tech
6541 Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA
Phone: 703-534-1733

Theta Miles is heavily based on a Pioneer CDP (PD-S502 if I'm not mistaken).

You may try sending it to some Pioneer techs - it may be a simple transport problem.

Just a thought.
Yes Elberoth2, the transport is from a Pioneer. Great transport, by the way, but the problem we’re having is occurring in that part of the machine that Theta designed and built. The problem is with the Theta electronics. Theta Miles don't want to repair it or give the people I found who can fix it the schematics. We are hoping they will change their minds and give us the info we seek. After all they discontinued this model a long time ago.