Does anyone know where to source the tray belt for a Wadia 21 (Teac)

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Having some issues with the transport mechanism in my Wadia 21.  I found a replacement gear for the two step gear in the tray,which was shot, but having trouble locating a new rubber belt for the tray mechanism. I believe it is a Teac sourced part, “loading belt” - part number 5801571500.

Does anyone know of a potential source or know if an equivalent/generic belt can be used?

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If you have the worn or broken belt, you should be able to find a generic O-Ring belt which will work.
The main keys are total size and the diameter/cross section of the belt.
And actually for a non critical application like a drawer, the belt thickness can be a little off and no problem.
Thanks for the response and information.  Perhaps there is still hope that I can get the Wadia up and running vs. turning it into an expensive and heavy paperweight.

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I found this site:
Excellent lead.  Now I just need to learn Italian and I should be all set! I will give it a shot.

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