Does anyone know where to get plans for.....

Hello All

I was curious as to where I might obtain plans for a pair of Nagaoka style Hiro double horn speakers.I've gone to the Frugal horn website and can't get the exact dimensions.So as a last resort I came to my information database- Audiogon, for asnwers.

Thanks in advance gents (& ladies)
Did you see this note?

"Until Hiro docs are published, Sachiko plans can be used to make Hiro, See note on sheet 1"

Height 72", Width 10", Depth 18"

now that I've re-read it again I do see that.

Now if I might, I had a few questions about the project you took on.I see you have really modiffied the design.The Hiro is designed for a 6" driver I will be using either the Fostex 166e or 167e drivers.I am in the initial stages of this project, so any tips,pointers,or insight would be useful.
Lastly what made you get the upgraded drivers and modify the cabinet as you did?
sorry for the barrage but it appears a lot of thought went into designing these was very curious

Hi Jeff
Happy to answer few questions for you but I do not want to use this thread to advertise my speakers and abuse this forum.

So in short:
* set the price point & stick to it (it is easy to get carry away - trust me I know)
* 6" is nice compromise between the imaging qualities of 4-incher and bass extension of 8-incher.
* try to avoid MDF at all cost (Birch or Spruce Ply should work nicely)
* Do not over stuff the cabinet (start with 1lb)
* Pl-10 drivers are the ones I use but Hiro will work with standard 166 or 167. If you have to ask about the difference between the stock and moded version - well there is a difference. (more balanced, less edgy)
* avoid synthetic finishes (Watco oil is good. I also like EHLEN Stringed Instrument Lacquer and same brand Vinyl sealer.)
* try solid core copper for wiring. If you like something fancier - silver plated copper. CAT might work as well. Your ear your choice.

My redesign might seemed excessive and over-build (which it probably is) but specific sonic characteristics were what I was after - that is all.

Planet_10 designs will get you really close - do not sweat it .

Wish you a lot of fun with this DIY project and I am sure you will enjoy your new speakers.

Have fun and PM if you need anything