Does anyone know where to get a high quality DB25

Im looking for a high quality DB25 to 6 RCA cable. Its
to be used from a DVD to a PRE/PRO. I know Monster makes
one but i would like to find other options if they exist.

I would appreciate any leads...
I would email some of the cable companys and see if the would make you one. I have the monster cable, I think it was about $150 but I could be wrong as I bought it some time ago. Email the cable company, they know a lot about cables.
You are correct regarding Monster, they actually make two different versions.
Two other companies that I am aware of that offer this product are Twisted Pair Designs (know for sure they offer a cable that is DB25 to DB25, but not sure of DB25 to RCA, similar pricing to Monster) and Tributaries.
The Tributaries is DB25 to RCA and is more modestly priced. I have an extra of the Tributaries if you wish to email me privately to inquire.
MSB makes one, a DB25 to 6 RCAs. Check their website ( bottom of the page, it is "only" $100.
Thanks everyone, I really Appreciate...

So far looks like the MSB is best option. I havent
had time to research the Tributaries but i will.

Thanks again and Merry christmas!