Does anyone know what song this is?

Gotta be Miles, but don't have a clue on the title.
It's not Miles but I don't know what it is...
You can send an email to the club and attach your link and ask them. They list their email as
It IS Miles...John Lee Hooker and Miles.
It's Miles, John Lee Hooker, Roy Rogers, Taj Mahal and others. The tune is Bank Robbery from The Hot Spot soundtrack.
According to Shazam app on iPhone its "Bank Robbery"
Bank robbery by Tim Drummond, from the hotspot sound track. (soundhound iPhone app found it in 5 seconds...)
You're welcome.
I have that on Vinyl. Don Johnson was in that movie.
I have this on vinyl as well.Whenever I play it I wonder if Miles and Hooker were in the same room when it was recorded,or if one of them was overdubbed.What room would have been big enough to contain both those personalities?