Does anyone know what happened to Heybrook ?

I have a pair of their sextets, and I'm wondering about replacements for the ribbon tweeters.

They used to be on the web under, but this seems to have gone away.


Have you tried dropping a note to the importer/distributor, Randy Bankert of O.S. Services:

They are selling all Heybrook stock at 30% off, which may not be a terribly good sign.

Good luck
Thanks Grandpad ... I will do that, but I'll wait another week in case I get some more posts here. If Heybrook is no longer I think I'll roll my sleeves up and look for other ribbons. I like a challenge.

The original owners of Heybrook (husband and wife) retired and sold the business mid 90's. The Heybrook name then became part of a group of (I think) 3 other brands, based in Plymouth, Devon, UK. Not sure what has happened to this group but I think they may have folded. The last contact telephone number we have is +44 (0)1752 333800

I remember Heybrook used Tonigen tweeters until they became unavailable. I belive they then used Audax units.

You may be able to get some info on the tweeters from Audax (

Regards, Richard