Does anyone know what a Sanabria Ion Generator is?

This device has no apparent connection with television, but was made by the Deforest-Sanabria company in Chicago, probably in the 50s. It is apparently an ion or ozone generator. The rectifier tube provides a high DC voltage, which is applied to the chassis. The fan blows air across the chassis and out the grill.

A friend came across it and we are trying to figure it out. It is in very good condition for its age. I believe it is the same Deforest associated with tubes.
Here you go : sanabria_ion_generator.html
The link doesn't seem to work correctly.

Scroll down to bottom of the page and search for "ion generator"
Say what?
The negative ion generator produced ozone (negative ions) thought at the time to boost positive mood. I have one of the units, I have yet to see if it works as promised. I am the nephew of U.A.Sanabria; the unit can be seen in the equipment section: