Does anyone know tube amp "EAR859"?

My friend is looking for a tube amp to match with SF Guarneri. Does anyone know info about it? Thanks. Ken
I think there was a review in the UK mag "Hi-Fi News" not too long ago. The review should be accessible from their website, but this appears to be off-line recently, I can try and locate the relevant issue and email you some info if that helps you..? Regards, Richard at
Richard, thank you so much for your kind reply. I appreciate your help, the friend is now in Japan and may not read English anyways. But that would be very helpful! Thank you! Ken [email protected]
I own an EAR 859 and had been using the Guaneri Homage for over two years. My opinion is, the 13W power of the amp restricts the performance of the gem. But the color of strings comes off so sweet. If you only listen to chamber or small scale music, it would be acceptable. But if you try to dig the potential of the speakers, try more power. I now use the EAR 859 to drive the Minima Amator placed in my bedroom, and EAR 509/519 biamping to drive the Guaneri Homage in my listening room. BTW, I live in Taiwan.
Earman, thanks! I will pass your input to him, who lives in Japan. To me, you are really in the audio heaven. BTW, I personally own Signum, and how do you compare ss and tube for matching with SF? Many say SF likes tube, but I have not had the opportunity, yet.