Does anyone know this tuner?

Forgive the vague nature of this question, yet something is driving me crazy. There is an FM tuner, I believe from the 1950's, maybe the 1960's, that I found on the internet once and I can not remember the manufacturer. It is a brand that I had never seen before and they are now defunct. The tuner looked like most 50's vintage equipment and it had an orange-ish backlit glow behind the name if I recall. I know it started with a 'P'. The one I saw was not for sale, it was on a forum and reportedly only, say, 20 or 30 were ever made and they are highly sought after and quite expensive. ANy ideas? Thanks for your time.
Precedent mono tube tuner
Yes, it was a REL (Radio Engineering Labs, not the modern subwoofer manufacturer) Precedent FM tuner, designed around 1954 by former associates of Edwin Armstrong (inventor of FM and several other major radio-related breakthroughs). Mono only, but with a multiplex output jack which allows it to be used in stereo in conjunction with an external multiplex adapter (many of which were made by various manufacturers during the transition period between mono and stereo, around 1960).

Legendary, and rightfully so. If in good condition, it is both glorious sounding and one of the most sensitive tuners ever made. I have one in my main system, which I don't ever anticipate selling. :)

A link to some further info, and pictures:

-- Al
Damn, you guys are good !!!!!!
YES! Thank you sincerely, that is the one. I can sleep now.