Does anyone know the news of Kharma Amplifiers

I just get the news from a reporter after Munich High End 2013 Show Report

The review has reported that,

"I heard many of the same problems with Kharma’s multiway $375k D’Appolito-array Grand Exquisites—now equipped with carbon-fiber (rather than ceramic) drivers and diamond tweeters—that I heard with the Tidals. Driven by Kharma’s own Class D electronics, the system sounded dull and dynamically strained on La valse, plus the bass (supplied by a pair of Kharma subs) lacked definition. This said, as initially was the case with the Tidals, at moderate levels the presentation was very beautiful in the mids and treble."

I feel sad if this hi-end Audio become worse for this expensive Audio Device!

Is there any one feel same problem?
Well, I guess I'll scratch those off my shopping list. :^)

Actually, that's an interesting show. THe reviewer found faults with most of the very pricey gear there. Goes to show that big bucks does not necessarily translate into satisfaction. Just like an expensive bottle of fine wine. Good stuff quality wise probably but there will still be individual preferences. The devil is in the details.

Thanks for the link to that show review. Interesting to see what high end looks like in GErmany.
Mapman...agree....I think reviewers provide great data points...but don't confuse that for a conclusion. If you're in the market for 375k speakers...I'd go listen to em ... get your own data points...

Also show's are really hard environments to evaluate things...lot's of noise...poor acoustical environments usually...and fatigue on the person running from room to room...maybe some jetlag at this show to for us reporters...

That said...I am happy reviewers/reporters take the's the only way we learn about something..
Another poster (Betaluo76) asked almost the exact same question. It's sheer coincidence I'm sure, but you wouldn't be related would you...
I don't know if anyone has noticed that this is the third anti Kharma thread in the last few days. Is there some smear campaign going on or something? I niether am, for or against these speakers, knowing precious little about them.