Does anyone know of the Sphinx Project 16

This was the top of the line hybrid for Sphinx. I believe it sold for over $8000 in the late 80's to mid 90's. Any information about these amps would be helpful. Bob
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only hear their project 18 paired with their project 8 preamp, fantastic combo.
I am looking for a bit of the warmth that a hybrid would provide. This is why I am interested in the Project 16. Bob
Can the Sphinx gear be easily changed to US electric standards? Bob
Sphinx has had very spotty representation in the USA and only recently has there been a lasting distributor:

I think you would have to talk to Sphinx in the Netherlands directly to get information on voltage conversion. My guess is the whole thing would be a headache. Great sounding gear but very rare in the USA.
I think that Sphinx is now out of business, At your suggestion I contacted May Audio and they have not heard from Sphinx in months and they fear the worst. Bob
Their website is still up: and they recently came out with revamped Myth models. I think they just don't want to deal with the US market - just like so many other European hifi specialists.
The 16 is great sounding but also breaks down (and expensive) a lot. If you got a good'un, it's magic. If you got a faulty one, it will keep on breaking down. So it's a risk since the 16 is no longer being made. There is, however, a US distributor: May Audio Marketing, Inc., 2150 Liberty Drive, unit 7 Niagara Falls, NY 12404 t 716 2834434
f 716 2836264.
What kinds of repairs does the Sphinx project 16 have. Are these repairs with both the older and newer version of this amplifier. Bob