Does anyone know of anyone/place that can reterminate cables

I have a Nuvista M3 integrated amp. Inside it uses 4 6.5 inch single ended RCA interconnects. It uses the musical fidelity nu vista silver interconnect. Now these interconnects are not bad but i read on audioreview that some one replaced them with only a mid grade cable and found massive improvements. Presently, I am using Nordost Quattrofil interconnects. The increase in sound quality is probably reduced because whenever the signal travels through the internal ICs it gets degraded to "musical fidelity nu vista IC" quality. Anyways i wanted to cut my already too long (1 M) quattrofil cable and turn it into one 2 foot pair of rcas and 4 6.5 inch single rca cables. Anyways i was wondering how this could be done? Thanks a lot, - Ian
Send them to Nordost they will do that for you. The Quattro
fil will sound substantially better. 1 800 836 2750 number to Nordost.

Good luck
Call Bob at the Cable Co. 1-800-FATWYRE or
Tell him I sent you. They are great!
I have inquired about this with Nordost.

They told me it would cost $100 PER SINGLE TERMINATION (this was dor XLR input though).

They also said that they were the only one who could do it to their standards.


Yes, Nordost is $100 per end, even RCAs. So your job will will cost you $1600.
Ask your local hi fi dealer. Mine has made many repairs right on site for me. They have also reterminated some cables for me while I waited.
That's $1600 well spent if your happy in the end:~)
I'm sure the competition would love to reterminate them for less money.
I agree with asking your local dealer. Mine has ordered upgraded spades or RCAs for me and soldered and wrapped everything very professionally, usually for free, but sometimes, I guess if I haven't bought anything from him in a while (becoming a more frequent phenomenon since I started cruising this site on a daily basis), he'll charge me for his time and the cost of the spades or whatever. it's always very reasonable, though, like $100 to reterminate a set of Transparent speaker cables with new larger heavy duty spades. And that included the cost of the 8 new spades from Transparent.
Also, jeff Delman at Value Audio ( custom builds DH Labs cables very meticulously and professionally and may be able to reterminate other kinds of cables for you at reasonable cost. I don't think you have to go to Nordost at $200 per end to get a quality job.
FYI on Nordost: SPM, Quattro and Valhalla are $100 per end; Blue Heaven & Red Dawn $60 per end; the others are $40 per end. They do RCA, XLR, BNC, and 5pin Din (more $). For speaker cable; SPM and Valhalla $40; others $25. They did some Quattro and SPM interconnects for me (back when it was cheaper). Can't tell they were changed; they are as good as OEM.
Nordost indicated to me that they are the only ones who can terminate their cable and have the final cables be up Nordost specifications.

Anyway, I would not consider splicing a cable less than 1M. Cables less than 1M are very difficult to sell if you ever were to sell it.


If $1600 is just too much, try contacting XLO. They do well with some reterminations, and at least you will get 90% of the improvement you might get from Nordost at 10% of the cost. XLO did a really nice job on a custom ordered Neutrik/speakon cable for my REL sub. I did this through Robert Stein at the Cable Company (