Does anyone know of a non-digital sounding cd?

I have a couple of nice sounding cds that really don't come across as being so digital ( Diana Krall: Look of Love, and Eric Clapton: Unplugged ), and a few others. I just bought one tonite, and seemed a little too much digital, and it bothers me to plunk down $18. for it.
The ones I have, have good vocal presence, spaciousness, separation, and are very warm and lively, with very good soundstage.
It was 'Riding With The King': Eric Clapton / BB King. One vocal comes out of one speaker almost, and the other does the same, but only with the other speaker, and that same digital haze, with no real 3 dimensional imaging.
I have a Roksan caspian cd player, that can sound decent when it is playing certain cds, and can come across as a good sounding player, atleast it does to me.
I have been reading about xrcd. I would appreciate anyones
The mapleshades are all pretty good. I like Clifford Jordan pretty good. Live at Ethels...

Also, The Cheskys, especially the 24/196 ones.
The XRCD's are as good as CD(16/44) gets. check out:
I like the 12" black discs that you play with a stylus.:^)
Very non-digital sounding!
I agree with Jfrech. The Mapleshade label produces cd's that are very "analog sounding." The Chesky label also produces some great recordings without the digital edge. I have over a dozen XRCD and XRCD2's. I consider these very high definition sounding recordings. Some sound less digital, while others do not. A good example is Doug MacLeod's cd "Come To Find." It sounds as close as I have heard, to someone playing playing acoustic blues right there in the middle of my livingroom. Yet the XRCD of Neville Marriner and the Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields playing Rossini String Sonatas 1-6 is digital sounding; although the dynamics, soundstage and detail make this one of my favorite classical cd's.

Then again Twl hit the nail on the head.
Concord Jazz.
There are lots of fine-sounding CDs out there now. However, I'm not a fan of Paul Spey's PZM-miced Mapleshades because of their phaseyness due to the PZMs. Reference Recordings are a lot more natural.
The medium is the message and the message is harsh.
Thanks for your info. I have written most this down, and am on my way to the *Beat*, here in Sacramento to look for these.
Here's how if you have a CD burner:

Make a copy of CD, but this time don't use any balnk CDR. Instead, use only the Verbatim Digital Vinyl: See

:) :) :)
Give any of the LINN's a try.
I just got my xrcd at 'The Beat' here in Sacto. It was very , very good, and the sax was right in my living room. The stereo was alittle to one side, yet the good ++ definitely
outweighed the bad. I try not to be too picky, cause there are better ways to enjoy things, like learning to appreciate what I already have. If the cd sounds too superficial though
it will be given to someone for Christmas. Thx everyone for all the replies, and happy holidays ++++++!!
(((-> ***** Bingo! ***** <-))). I just found a cd that turned my world around. This girl has style in the most touching way. I got to see what my system can do, also. The
cd is Patricia barber: " MOdern COoL ". She came into my room with so much of a strong presence. This time it took only 4 cds, instead of 10. I never thought that jazz could come across like that. There may have been a slight digity sound, but her sense of talent and giftedness, takes you completely over, leaving nothing to be desired. What a gifted person, with her very own signature and sense of style. The End! I am done for a while, I hope.