does anyone know of a listing of 7-channel dvd's?

i'll be participating in an audition of a 7-channel ht system this coming weekend. i'd like to find a variety of dvd's, if possible, that have encoding to take full advantage of this format. i'll put together a mini-review if i can find enough source material. -cfb
"The Haunting" DTS ES version is great for 7.1

"T2" Special edition is 7.1

Cheryl Crow has a 7.1 dvd "The Globe Sessions"

"Phantom Menace" is 7.1

"Seven" has a 7.1 edition

a 1980 movie "Maniac" is dts es...but not a very good movie.

Have fun!

from what the guy at the local mid to high end audio store says there are only 7 or so dvds that were originally recorded in the 7.1 sound...he couldnt remember all of them but 2 that he mentioned were Gladiator & Chicken Run

have fun

I cant wait to hear 10.2