Does anyone know of a good 3-way bookshelf speaker

I'm looking for a 3-way, bookshelf/monitor type speaker. I've discovered the Daber Audio Monitor 3, but not much else.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

why 3-way not 2-way?
NHT Classic 3
Budget? Selah Audio makes a very nice three way. Three to four grand though
Neuman KH 130.
Polk Lsi 703
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Selah looks interesting. I almost bought a pair a couple years ago. Check them out.
Also...Renaissance Audio have a 3 way..
Good question, why 3 way and not 2?

Can't think of ANY newer smaller 3 way designs I have heard recently that have uniquely caught my ear. They seem to be somewhat rarer these days in high end audio circles than in past years.

Maybe for good reason. I've always tended to prefer comparable 2 ways over 3 over the years when have had chances to compare. More drivers + crossover than needed is usually not a good thing I seem to find. I tend to look for less drivers and simpler or no crossover to the extent possible.

I still like my old OHM Ls, which are 3 way but with tweeter and supertweeter, not midrange. OHM Acoustics still sells those refurbed with more modern innards and drivers for reasonable price when available.

I would like to hear the Dabers. Seem like a good design and good value.
I can attest to Selah Audio speakers, I own two pairs and think they are a great value for the money, they sound wonderful. And frankly are hard to beat. . . but beware, I am biased toward them.

I also recommend Selah Audio, outstanding speakers that perform well beyond there price point and are wonderful to listen to. Owner's disclaimer I own two pairs and greatly enjoy them. Good luck in your search.
KEF 201/2, top ported, so can get closer to the back wall, although perhaps a bit large to be consider "bookshelf." Also, the Linn Akurate 212, albeit a 4-way, is compact but delivers BIG TIME -- way underrated around here.