Does anyone know much about AGI preamps?

I have had an AGI 511 pre-amp for some time and I love its supreme build quality and transparent nature. I just can't find any info on the darned thing. I know the company went out of business in the 80's, but there is not a shred of evidence of their existence on the web. I can't find any specs on the thing. I have only seen two others go for sale ever; they seem pretty rare. If anyone knows where I can get some info, or knows anything about the preamp, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello Jason & Sean
The AGI 511 and AGI 511A was surely a great preamp from the hands of a man named Dave Spiegel. I use to truly admire the dedication this guy had to produce the best sound possible. I live about 10 miles from the old production facility in Willow Grove, PA. This thing had the best circuit board that a 1976 product could have. It was built right with one goal in mind; Flawless sound. While the stock unit was smooth sounding for a SS preamp and reasonably free of any distortion, the problem was in the 3D illusion department. Now, I am sure, that the basic sound of this unit was good enough to, when modified,with better parts, overcome the slight ambience reduction. Can you imagine though, a Spectral type of build quality for $400.00!!! Thats all this puppy cost. The chassis was top grade stainless steel. This was the time when being an audiophile was really great. Alas I dont know what became of Dave, but the guy was an engineer that was mighty capable. Wish he would reappear on the scene.....Frank