does anyone know how much the bryston b100 cost?

Just curious...
Around $3400 Cdn in Canada. It's a nice product, but the SimAudio 1-5 and Arcam A32 are worth comparing at a similar price point, and so is the Nait 5i for less.
The Bryston offers potent bass, extended highs and nice loft on the soundstage. It could be just the ticket for bass lovers and rock fans. Personally, in my own set-up, I liked the airy, tube like delicacy of the I-5 more, but prefer still more the full bodied mid-range and rhythmic verve of the Nait.
The Arcam might be perfect for a more forward, warmish speaker such as Totems, perhaps a little dry for some pairings, albeit with excellent detail, and even-handed treatment of the full spectrum.
This is an awfully competitive price range for integrateds...