Does anyone know anything about this arm?

I just bought a Lafayette tonearm from 1973. Its to replace a stock arm on an AR EB101. I also have been given a Linn Basik Plus. I do not know which one of the two would be better. So any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Link to Lafayette Arm:

Thanks :)
I would guess that a lot of it would come down to which choice of cartridge that you intend on using. The Lafayette tonearm, most certainly sourced from the Far East, is an S shaped arm with universal headshell and will be of medium effective mass and suitable for medium compliance MM and MC cartridges. The Basic Plus is a low mass arm and does not have a removable headshell. It will probably be more rigid as it does not have the compliance introduced by the rubber gasket on the collet of the universal headshell. The Basic Plus will be a really good match to higher compliance mm cartridges such as those made by Shure, Audio Technica (AT made the Linn MM cartridges) and Ortofon. On paper the Grado cartridges would seem to be a good match to the Linn as well, but I have never heard this combo and strange things sometimes happen in Grado land. The tightness of the bearings and the way the relative weights of the arms affects the suspension on the AR may play a part in your decision as well.

There are a lot of similar looking arms, but it looks to me like it is made in Japan by a company called ACOS. They made OEM arms for a number of companies, including the RB-200 arm on the original Rega tables, if memory serves. They also made their own brand of very high end arms under the name Lustre. The ACOS arms are fairly common but the Lustre arms are very rare today and have the rather strange design characteristic of having insufficient offset.
There are a lot of similar looking arms, but it looks to me like it is made in Japan by a company called ACOS.

Exactly what I was thinking. Looks like an ACOS that came on a few Kenwood tables. A decent but not great arm, IMHO, and the winning bid is a decent but not great price.
David, great minds think alike!
David, great minds think alike!
Marty, I disagree.