Does anyone know anything about 'The Tube God'?

I have an aquanitance who has a "The Tube God" preamp that he wants to sell me. I have never heard of it. Is anyone familiar with this equipment?
From the little that I know, I would expect the classical tube sound of the eighties and before: Luscious and euphonic mids, highs not particularly pronounced ( nice with some earlier CD's ) and not much in the way of a tight and controlled bottom end. I may be wrong, but the late Harvey Rosenberg's earlier offerings in the end seventies to mid eighties were a bit like that, if I recall correctly.
Hmmm?--My memories a bit hazy but I knew a bloke --Jon Syder who worked for NYAL(the late Gizmo's setup) and he mentioned it --were they connected--I wonder? I'm sure someone will know of it.
Good luck,
Well Des, Harvey aka Gizmo was the selfannointed TUBE GOD and his setup was New York Audio Lab (NYAL), as I recall.