Does anyone know anything about ProAc Studio 2's

I picked up a set with one rubber surround in troube. The other speaker sounds great. These have Tannoy 8" drivers in them. They are not listed on the ProAc website as a discontinued product, but I understand they are from circa 1984-1988, so maybe they have been forgotten. The www is pretty quiet about this model - I'd love to learn anything I can about them, and if these surrounds are available.
I've just let go my Proac SuperTower, circa 79-80 and upgraded to Proac R3. If you live in the bay area, you can easily drive to Berkeley and have Audiovex replace it for you. Cost me much less than $150 to have all four woofers foam replaced.

Never heard the Studio 2, but it's similar to SuperTower because they all use same ScanSpeak treated paper 6 1/2 inch woofers. Sounds great. Funny thing is that I found these old model to have even more incrdible bass than the R3. But nothing can beat the Proac Response 3 midrange. The R3 sounds sweet for vocal, opera, jazz. Thanks...Ducchau.