Does anyone know about Sphinx amplifiers?

I have been told that Sphinx was made by Siltech in the Netherlands. Were they ever sold here in the United States and what period of time? Are they still in business? I would also be interested in anyone's impressions of the amplifiers they made. Bob
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As far as I know the US importer is , I,ve heard them at my country sphinx dealer(mexico) and they were really astouding. Very black background, Exelent dynamics et all...Probably the best solid state gear I,ve heard. I,m not sure if they are made by siltech, but i think their internal wiring is siltech. BTW what i heard was their top of the line project preamp, a dual mono 250 watt project series amp and their myth series cd player.
I,m surprised they are not that well known in the US.
Regards and good luck!
May Audio appears to be the US distributor for Sphinx.
I have no other knowledge or experience with this line,
but I thought this would be a good source for details...
May Audio
I did call May Audio and apparently they are still in business. I was looking for one of their older hybrid amps but they are now making only solid state amps (project 18 amp). Bob
They are indeed from Holland, and still in business. I always liked their stuff, but couldn't afford it, and now I'm moving in a different direction. Anyway, the distributor in the US is May Audio Marketing, Inc. 2150 Liberty Drive, unit 7 Niagara Falls, NY 12404 t 716 2834434
f 716 2836264.
The (english) website from Sphinx can be found at Good luck!
They are excellent amplifiers, especially the project 24 and 26. Among the best solid state there is IMHO.
Kops have you tried their older hybrid designs? Bob
I have had Sphinx Myth 3 integrated a few years back and I also auditioned Project 2 mk 2 preamp with Project 12 monoblcocks in my system. They are fast, detailed but not too romantic.
Baranyi I 've auditioned the Sphinx 18, 24, 26 power amps.
Just got e-mail from Sphinx today and they are alive and kicking. Their biggest amp now is Project18, I wish they had a new Project24 which is a hell of an amp !
They are about to release a new amp, project 22 which should be very good. Apparently is gonna be a pair of monoblocks (smaller than PJ 26 though).
I would love to find an older Sphinx Model 16 for my Apogee Scintillas.
do you know the price range of this new amp ?
I don't know... Specially because prices in Brazil are no parameter to the rest of the world, due to the incredibly high import taxes.

Pj24 used to cost around USD 22 thousand. PJ 18 costs around USD 12 thousand (Brazilian Prices)

I would bet that PJ 22 will cost something around USD 12-16 thousand in US.

I am very pleased with my Myth 5. Excellent piece of gear.
I still would love to find the older Model 16 for my Scintillas. Anyone know of one for sale?
is Project 22 out?