does anyone know about Kaylin tube amps?

i am looking to buy one but dont know anything about them. is it a good quality amp? it is rated around it an older piece. thank you
There is some info on these @ in the Tube Forum (try a search there). They are of Chinese manufacture and the cosmetics of some of the "K" models look "very" much like those of Jolida and ASL (though some of the internals may differ, or not). As long as it doesn't have a red rose glued to the front plate it should be a fairly decent amp for not a lot of money.
thank you for the info. the amp i am looking at is at audio oasis. it is an old amp that is laid out very nice in looks. i now have a hafler dh 500 to swap off or sell. so is it safe to say that kailin's early stuff was good. before the company changed owners?
Kona: I have never heard the amps, just read about them @ Audioasylum, plus there were some pics posted @ the site as well. There is an Ebay dealer (close to me in LA) that has been selling various models for a year or so now, but again I have never checked them out in person. I think that they were once marketed (under yet another "badge") through a company in Germany @ one time, but cannot recall the name. Maybe compare the one you are considering with an ASL counterpart (if one exists)? If the Kaylin uses the same transformers, then I might be inclined to let the price make up my mind. Doesn't AO carry ASL as well?