Does anyone heard the Xindak solid state power-amp

Does anyone heard the Xindak solid state power-amps ?
How good are they ?
hmmm...lotsa threads yet not a single answer for anybody elses questions in six years.
I had a XA 6950 at one point. It sounded wonderful. Being a class A amp there was a 15 minute warm up each time you turned it on till it sounded its best. Nice CNC`d remote. I landed it at about $750 and thought it was a deal at that price. In the end it wasnt quite powerful enough on my large full range 4 ohm speaks. The Xindak foil speaker wire seems very good for the money as well.
Check this out, looks like they are having a new US distributor:

I have not owned any of their products but have heard about the brand Xindak. They are quite different from many other Chinese brands in that a number of their amps are solid-state, and they got patents in their cables etc. Based on what I learned, Xindak should be a very solid company with good technological know-how. Anyway, wish they good luck, then we will have something good on the way here.