Does anyone have these Rega TTs?

To my fellow Audgion members.

I'm considering upgrading my current TT and Rega is on my short list. I've done the research etc., but would like to know if there are any members in Orange County, CA, that have these Rega TTs. And if so, if any members would be open to a visit from me to view or demo the following:

Rega P3-24.
I've demo'd the TT. However, I would like to know if there are any members in the above location with the gloss white or the gloss red finish. I would like to see the finish in person.

Rega P5 & P-7
I would like to hear a demo of a P5 or P7 with a high output moving coil cartridge. I've demo'd the P5 but would not mind another. I have been unable to demo the P7.

In anticipation of someone making the suggestion, I have gone the dealer route but have been unable to accomplish the aforementioned.

So, if there are any members that would be open to a visit from me, please e-mail me.

Thank you in advance.
Friend had P5 with power supply and rega cartridge. Very well balanced and musical. Upgraded to the Groovetracer subplatter - this was a big improvement. Then went to Shelter 501 cartridge. Overall this was an excellent all round package. AB'd P5/power supply/Groovetracer to P7 - not much difference. Conclusion was after P5 go straight to P9.