Does Anyone have Quadrophenia on Classic Records?

I just got a copy of Quadrophenia on 150 gram vinyl. Side 2 of record 1 has a very annoying static (most noticeable on the first 2 songs). Does anyone else have this LP? Do you have the same problem?
Well yes, but in a different way; on side two of the 200 gram version on the second to last track there is a pressing anomally of a rotational tick and static which drives me nuts. Unfortunately, I was away on much business travel after it arrived and when I finally sat down to listen the return period had expired. I am finished with Classic because I have been burned one too many times now. Otherwise it sounds terrific.
Sorry to hear that,I have an Original Pressing Holland import that sounds lush,quite and bassy. Its on the Track Record label,maybe it's available on Ebay or Amazon used.