Does anyone have problems with the Audiogon seller engine?

cbissell1 posts09-02-2017 4:15pmI am having so much trouble with the selling engine on Audiogon that I had to give up. I have been able to buy/sell almost a dozen equipment pieces on Audiogon in the past but now there is a disconnect between my registered addresses for my credit card and my main address, and Audiogon customer support is non-existent.   Anyone else having trouble with their Audiogon dashboard?

Any solutions, particularly in reaching someone at Audiogon who can actually manage database settings?
I went through this process previously and was told they could not help, that I had to have the billing address for my CC down to the pixel in order to process the listing.  I've tried a half

Maybe I'll try again, but unless they can manually intervene in the process it looks like I'm stuck with eBay and CL.
If you have your problem in selling your engine. Better to simplified the Finance with your audio.