Does Anyone Have Opinions RE: Castle Chester Spkrs

I have been working on improving my audio system for a while now. I have gone from a Home Theater based system to a simple two channel system based on an Acurus DIA-100 Mk II amplifier. I just ordered a Jolida JD100 CD Player (w/LEvel One Parts Connexion Mods. Interconects are a set of Van Den Hul "The First's" and I have cheap Prisma speaker cables. My speakers have been a borrowed set of PAradigm Studio 20's. Now, I have the chance to get a set of Castle Chesters for $600 Canadian. They appear in great shape, and I believe they will work well with my system. I had been willing to spend $1200 Canadaian for speakers, but purchasing the Castle Chesters will save me enough money for a really good set of speaker cables. Any thoughts on the Chester's or my system in general?
I don't have experience with the Chester model of speakers, but I own a pair of Castle Howard's which I VERY much enjoy. The performance and sound, not to mention fit and finish of the cabinet (I've heard that they also manufacture cabinets for Proac), have given me good reason to highly respect Castle Acoustics...FWIW.

Enjoy the sounds.
Mark I or Mark II! $250 difference and difference in performance! New tweeters!