Does anyone have information on the Adcom 2535

I am looking for opinions on this Model of adcom amp.
I have read in several threads that the GFA 535 is the best of the adcom line for the money. The 535 gets wonderfull reviews in the 535, 535L, 535II, and the 535MKII.

From what I have read this 2535 is two of the original 535s in one chasis. Does that mean that it produces the same results as 2 535 amps, or are there some things to consider.

I would like to be able to get an amp that can serve my needs now, but also be flexible if a nicer set of speakers should fall into my lap.

Are there any other suggestions that are in a similar price point.

Used is fine.
Why not just get two stereo 535? I have used Monoblocks, Stereo and Quad power amps. Monoblocks are the most flexible. Stereo next, and Multichannel last. At the moment I use three stereo amps (Carver ZR1600) like monoblocks biamping three speaker systems. Multichannel amps tend to be heavy and hard to move around, although this might change with digital technology.

The 535 is a bit short on power but I found them OK when used to biamp.
Any suggestions on monoblocks on a budget?

Would I need two to start?

Do they need to be a sequential match?
I have had a 2535 since '94. It performs very well as center channel and surround amp. 2 of the channels bridge into 200wats, which I run to my center, and use the 60watt channels to my surrounds.
can you bridge all four into two?

What is the advantage of getting 2 535s over this?

Any advantage of 2 monoblocks?
It is not as flexible as I had hoped.

Thanks everyone.

Any Suggestions on a good 2 channel amp that runs about the same price range?