Does Anyone Have Info On Azden GM-P5L Cartridge?

I found an old Azden GM-P5L Low Output Moving Coil cartridge that I have had for probably 15 years. I opened it up and the frequency spec sheet that came with the cartridge measures the output at .18mv. Tracking force at 1.25 grams. As I remember this was a very good sounding cartridge. I would love to mount it on my Graham Phantom 2 tonearm just to see how it sounds. I don't seem to have the mounting screws anymore. I tried some spare mounting screws from my Soundsmith cartridge, but they are too wide.

Did anyone out there ever own this cartridge? How do you remember it sounding? Do you have any idea what size mounting screws it uses? I did a internet search but did not find much on this model of Azden cartridge.
Distributors used to give the Azden GM-1E high output MC to dealers for free with the hopes that they would sell some of the other models. It was awful. (I still have mine around here someplace.) Anyway, the GM-P5L (a line contact) was up a few notches, but still nothing much to write home about. If my memory serves me, it was edgy and strident.
Dear Slowhand: I never heard it but in 1985 was the Azden top of the line LOMC cartridge, price was 250.00 in that time.

Its characteristics could tell us that is a good cartridge ( how good I can't say, maybe Mosin is right about. ): band frequency 10-60K and separation at 1khz is 30db.

Now, you already have it so test it.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Does anyone know where I can get the mounting screws for this Azden cartridge? I don't know why I don't have them anymore. The problem is I don't know what size they are. The holes on the top of the cartridge are smaller than most mounting screws. I have several sets of mounting screws, but they are all too big.
How long do they need to be? I don't know if I have any, but I do have a decent selection of mounting hardware. If they are in my stash, you are welcome to them.
They need to be 1 inch long. My problem is I don't know what diameter they need to be. The cartridge is Japanese, so I am guessing it is a metric size. The holes are smaller than most standard mounting screws.
Hi again,

I have some skinny ones, but none that long. Maybe McMaster-Carr has something that will work.

Thanks for checking.
Don't know if this will help but I have the Azden ymp50vl with a p mount adapter,had same problem,I found small enough hex screws at a hobby shop in the remote control airplane screw rack I think the were called # 2's.