Does anyone have feed back on the Plinius Sa 250 ?

Iv been looking at purchasing a Plinius SA 250 Mark IV and any feed backs or comments on this model would be appreciated.
I used to own a SA100 MKIII. It is supposed to have very similar sound to the SA250 MKIII. It is a class A design, runs very warm and has the most liquid midrange of any SS amp I have owned. It also has beautiful tone, is a bit warm sounding with excellent bass but not especially open (when running my Maggie 1.6s), I now own a 300B SET and the Plinius is the closest to the SET sound I ever heard from SS.
I would agree with Philjolet. A very warm sounding amp with deep bass. It has a liquid like, almost valve like quality. Maybe not the most detailed amp in the world, but very musical. Very heavy, runs hot and take care not to kill your self on those blasted heat sinks. Krell like in its power into difficult loads, although driving my Apogees it sounded a little fat and murky. Well worth a listen.