Does anyone have experience with seller Kron on cartridges?

I'm looking at purchasing a cartridge from him and would prefer to save the PayPal fees and shipping but it makes me a little nervous to do straight wire transfers. Has anyone done business with him and what was your experience? Thanks for the input in advance.
I received my Benz cartridge from Vincent today.  You get incredible transit time for that $40!  We finalized the deal Thursday evening around 9pm cst, which was 10am his time.  He shipped it and I received it at 11am Monday!  It was in the original box as pictured in his ad.  That box was completely enveloped with bubbles tightly packed in a box then inside a shipping envelope.  It was delivered by FedEx.  

There are likely cheaper transit options but making it priority helps ensure a safe delivery.  I work for a large company that has a global account with FedEx.  Our prices often are less for overnight compared to ground.  This is done to incentivise an overnight shipment.  If the package has an opportunity to lay around in a warehouse it presents the possibility for issues to arise.

It was likely the smoothest transaction I have had.  He offers very nice prices on new cartridges.  Nothing to worry about with him which as others noted you can easily tell from his impeccable feedback.
I had my first purchase through Kron a few weeks ago and have nothing but positive things to say about him. The cartridge was as advertised and it arrived really fast, faster than buying from some domestic sellers here in the US.
I have now bought four cartridges and an SUT from Vincent (Kron) and every transaction has been perfect. Aside from excellent prices, Vincent ships very quickly and responds quickly and courteously to all emails. I have paid by direct bank transfer and the cartridges were generally shipped same day. I give Vincent my highest recommendation.

What cartridges are you buying fro him? 
An old nos or vintage or grey market products ?