does anyone have experience with h/k citation 16a?

new to audiogon. Building system on tight budget. I have focal 918 floor speakers, marantz 8500 125w/ch. Looking for amp and advice! I read in an older article that the vintage h/k citation 16a was a good fit for the focal. Thought of getting 2 and bridging for 500w/ch with a preamp. OR....haha spending more on 1 amp, maybe mcintosh or bryston? I would have to use marantz as preamp then for $ reason, of course.
Had 2 16a's and a Stereo 16a back in the 70's. At that time they were as good as any amp you could get.

Hard to say what they would sound like now unless they have been well maintained. Their specs even back then would match most modern day amps.

Not sure if they were Hedgman or Kuby design, but they paid attention to some pertinant specs.
thanks for the input
your on the right track i have used this amp upgraded by a HK guru and this amp
ia quite a competitor i have 2 so if interested call or email to find out more info
800-900-2057 ted
Good amp. A bit better sounding than the Citation 12. Fast but not too articulate unless updated. Fast. A bit on the ugly looking
I added the Citation 16a (rebuilt) and I am pleased with it. Seems to have a solid sound at low level as well as high(very high):) levels. My Focals gave up before amp. Plenty power & no issues to date. Good amp for those on a budget.
Added a Sony5400 cd player this week. One weak link down, one to go. It gave me a little more confidence that the 16a is doing a good job. My listening level went down with much more life and detail.