Does anyone have Audioquest red wild or wel speaker cables?

Does anyone here have the higher end Audioquest speaker wire like the redwood wildwood and the wel?
Wildwood SC with Wild Blue Yonder ICs.  If you have a well balanced sound it with enhance it.  
The Wild replaced a set of Oaks which I had no complaints and is my only worthy comparison.  I'm pretty happy with their performance and have kept them now 5 years.  If you can demo, check them out.  
How did the Wild compare to the Oaks?  I had the Oaks in my system and it sounded very good. 

The Wilds have the same tonal balance as Oaks just with higher resolution in every parameter. 
Is the imaging better, the 3D effect, and the blackness between notes?

When you say higher resolution, what do you mean?

Was there glare with the Oaks?
Oak sounds like a stereo amp, Wild sounds like mono blocks.  Image placement is much improved along with a greater sense of hall ambiance.  Oak hadn't any glare unless caused by the music.  With Wild all but the nastiest recordings are improved. 
Haven't heard Red or Wel but am curious.  The Wild is several steps beyond the Oak, so yes it's worth it to me.  
I auditioned a single-biwire 8’ Redwood in my system a couple years ago. Nice cable, but I tuned them down to stick with my biwire of Mont Blanc (prior series; like half an Oak) on bottom and KE-4 up top -- which has slightly less metal overall, but slightly more PSS silver. As expected, the Redwood had slightly better smoothness and coherence overall, whereas my biwire had a touch more treble sparkle and maybe detail. It was quite close overall, which is why I didn’t drop a ton of cash for the Redwood. I would’ve upgraded if it were significant.

I recently replaced the KE-4 with a Kilimanjaro (like half a WEL in PSS content), which when biwired with Mont Blanc makes for a cable almost identical in geometry and awg to the tree series, and with overall PSS/PSC+ metal content that places it between the Redwood and Wild Wood. I’m going off memory but I’d say it’s at least incrementally better than a Redwood. The KE-4 is now making for a great dedicated supertweeter cable, too.

I think you’d want a Wild if you’re concerned with getting close to the very top performance, but the list prices are stratospheric. A good used deal is bound to come up. The Redwood is really nice sounding but I think it should be priced lower for what it offers ($8800 list for an 8’ pair is too much for a mostly PSC+ cable). One thing about the newer AQ tree series -- cosmetically, they’re on another level beyond the prior counter-spiral series.

I’ve also been upgrading my interconnects to Wind/Sky/Wild level, and those have been fruitful upgrades so far -- the resolution difference between the Colorado and a good PSS silver IC are fairly striking.
To complete the thread, I bought a pair of Audioquest WEL (newest version) speaker cables and I am 100% happy with them.  Anyone looking for input, just PM me.  Not a lot of info or owners of this wonderful end-game cable out there.  
I have the fake wel speaker cables confirmed after you sending me the photos of yours. Thanks. I have yet to find a real pair of these for sale anywhere 
The fakes are on eBay now for around $500 so I suspect many more will have fake ones.