Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?

I had the opportunity to demo the the Kharma DB9S and DB11S speakers a few weeks ago and was very impressed with their sound.  Are their any Kharma owners out there that can add any likes/dislikes with your own Kharma's?  Has anyone had the chance to hear these speakers?  Would be interested in any feedback.  Thanks in advance.
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The CRM 3.2 FE is a 20 year old speaker.   The Kharma’s I’ve heard at shows over the past few years are extremely musical and engaging.  I’m certain, like other manufacturers, they’ve come a long way in the past 20 years.  Kharma Loudspeakers have been consistently some of my favorites at shows (even in crummy hotel rooms).
It would also be a question of the amp(s) used with them.  Even if they erred slightly in the directions outlined by prof, the right amp would ameliorate that.
@woots   I have an appointment on 5/15 to meet with Mike at Suncoast.  Based on our phone conversation, he wants me to listen to the Elegance S7-S.  Did you happen to listen to those?  If so, any impressions?  Keep us posted if you make a Kharma purchase decision and any further impressions.
I did not hear that exact model.  I promise you Mike will not disappoint you with the demo and from what I have read the cones/drivers are very similar.  Seems like room size determines the model more than anything.  I can't wait to hear your feedback.

I did listen to the Elegance line though.